Writer Coaching by Susan Bischoff

When you make art out of who you are, it’s important to know who you are. 

As a writer, ^that’s^ what you do, right? Sometimes we think of writing as making something out of nothing, but, in a very real sense, all art is made out of who we are. It’s made out of your energy, your personality, all your experiences, and the way you see the world.

Who you are plays a tremendous role, not only in what you write, but also in how you approach writing. Do you write every day or do you write in bursts? Do you outline–a little bit, extensively, or not at all, because you need to discover the story through the act of putting words on the page?

One of the most important things a solid understanding of ourselves can give us is the ability to shut out the noise of all the advice that doesn’t apply to us. There’s no One Right Way to make art. Yet all too often, when we find ourselves unable to follow “common sense” writing advice, we blame ourselves, assume we’re at fault, and let that experience steal the joy of the thing we love. Sometimes it’s steals our words as well.

Let’s just not. I want to help you know yourself, so that you can choose to follow advice that’s right for you.

I also want to help you turn your attention a bit from “what you should do” and “what could work,” and help you focus a little more on what you really want to do, what gets you excited.

I’d love to tailor coaching to your needs, whether that’s getting right with your writing habits, getting a book unstuck, a handful of sessions to keep you on track to finishing your book, or if you’re looking for an ongoing development relationship.

Sound good?

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