Writer Coaching, A Strengths-Based Approach

To help us get a clearer idea of how your brain works and where your natural talents are, I use a tool called the CliftonStrengths assessment (also known as StrengthsFinder). This online test will help us know where you can best focus your efforts for maximum results, and will also give us shared vocabulary for talking about your talents.

Strengths-based coaching falls under the umbrella of positive psychology. The philosophy behind this research is that you’ll go further, faster, by focusing on developing things you already do well–becoming great at things you’re naturally good at–than you would by focusing on shoring up areas of weakness (the more traditional, “well-rounded” approach to development). You’ll get better at writing, and improve faster, when you’re using methods than are in greater alignment with how your brain naturally functions.

The CliftonStrengths assessment ranks thirty-four themes which describe areas of talent–ways in which people achieve success. In your report, these will be listed in the order they show up most strongly in you. Your top themes will tell us a lot about how you approach tasks in your life, how you see the world, how you prioritize. It will give us shared vocabulary for talking about these thematic ideas that make up so much of who your and how you work.

Read a bit more about CliftonStrengths at the Gallup website.

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