How Susan’s Editing Works

  1. If you have questions about me, how I work, or your project, please use my contact form* and let’s talk about it.
    1. *Please us the contact form, as opposed to Facebook Messenger or other means, so that I know where to look when I need to refer back to old correspondence.
    2. Once we’ve got things ironed out, I’ll send you on to the next step, which is booking on Calendly.
  2. If you don’t have questions and you know what service you need, you can visit follow this Calendly link to see what I have available on my calendar.
    1. If the calendar doesn’t have a date that fits your need, please use my contact form and we’ll work something out.
  3. Tap the date on the calendar when you would like to start your edit.
    1. Remember that most projects will take fifteen business days to complete. Remember to include revision, final proofreading, and formatting time if you’re counting backward from a pre-order date or other deadline.
    2. After tapping the date, there a button should appear with a time. The time is irrelevant, but tap that button anyway, and then “Confirm.”
  4. Fill out the form that appears.
    1. This will include details I’ll need to create our contract.
    2. There’s also a button to pay your deposit via PayPal.
    3. Once you’ve scheduled on Calendly, you’re on my calendar!
  5. I will create a contract, sign it, and send it to you via the electronic document signing service, HelloSign. Electronic signing is a quick and easy process, and free to you.
  6. As the date for your edit approaches, you will email me your manuscript file, single-spaced, in a Microsoft Word compatible format, by the effective date stated on the contract.
    1. You should receive an automated email reminder 48 hours prior to your start date.
  7. I will reply when I am in receipt of your manuscript, and send another PayPal invoice for the balance of your fee. It must be paid on or before the starting date stated on the contract so that I can begin work and return your manuscript on time.
  8. I will email a new file to you, usually within 15 business days. This file will contain my critique, my editorial comments, corrections, and suggestions in-line with your original text.
  9. I do my follow-up by email, which gives me time to go back into your manuscript if necessary.
    1. You may ask me one round of follow-up questions to clarify anything that came up in the critique.
    2. These must be submitted by email within 5 business days of the date on which the critique was sent. (This helps keep me fresher on what’s being discussed.)
    3. This is intended mainly as an opportunity for clarification, and I will spend 1/2 – 1 hour answering these questions.
  10. Editing the revision (second pass editing) is not covered under my contract. If you would like to have me read the revision, we can discuss a second contract for that purpose at the same rate. I may refuse this contract due to my schedule or if I feel I’m not a good reader for a second pass on your project.