First Chapters Critique

Quick and Dirty Rundown

  • Do you need to know if your early chapters hook the reader? Or why they don’t?
  • This is for finished works, final drafts, and even already published work (indie, with access to make changes).
  • I do suggest that you have the whole novel finished, so that you’re fairly certain this is the beginning you’re sticking with, and that you’re not getting caught up in the cycle of “never finishing because you’re always polishing the beginning.” But this can also be for first chapters you’re submitting to an agent or editor while the rest of the manuscript is in progress.
  • The length you send, whether it’s one chapter, the first three, or the length of the sample content is up to you.
  • I will read this carefully and give you my reactions as a reader. Was I hooked? At what point was I hooked? What I hope or think might happen next, based on what I’ve read. Whether I would continue reading.
  • If I wasn’t hooked, I will tell you why, and make specific suggestions.
  • I’ll talk pacing and clarity. I might talk about too many characters, or too much history before action, with specific suggestions for changes.

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