Developmental Editing

Quick and Dirty Rundown

  • This is for rough drafts which are more “work in progress.”
  • I like completed drafts where I can see the whole story you have planned, but this can also be for those occasions when you can’t figure out how the story ends. Perhaps where you’ve made notes about your ideas for the end.
  • Like Content and Polish, and I will do a thorough read of your manuscript, stopping periodically to give you my reactions as reader and an editor. I’ll make suggestions as I go. When I’ve finished, I’ll go back to the beginning and give you my thoughts and concerns about the piece as a whole, including answers to any specific questions you’ve raised and suggestions for improvement.
  • Different from the Content and Polish Edit, I will spend less time on your use of language. In the Developmental Edit, I’m really focusing more on the substance of the text, rather than the text itself. I won’t spend time on the quality and clarity of prose which will probably be changed later. If I make comments on the quality or clarity of prose or dialogue, those comments will be broader and less specific than they would be on a Content and Polish Edit.

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