Content and Line Editing

Quick and Dirty Rundown:

  • This is for a final draft, a story that you consider basically “ready for publication” (or submission). It is both a line edit, where I’m looking at your story line-by-line in order to assess all your word choices, and also a content edit, where I’m looking at the story issues, big and small. But it is not proofreading. An intense read-through of your story, assessing and commenting on strengths and weaknesses. I’m looking at things like pacing, story arcs, character arcs, genre expectations. I look for inconsistencies and other issues in action, character, pacing, voice, logic, and point of view.
  • Stylistically, I may make suggestions about ease of readability and point out confusing language, jargon, or other things I feel need clarification or cleaning up. I may point out sections I feel could be condensed and streamlined to improve pacing or better serve today’s commercial fiction market. When I’m reading, I often “check in” as a reader at different points in the story to let you know things like, “This is where I was really hooked,” or “At this point, I’m feeling impatient for the story to get started.” Whenever possible, when I raise an issue, I try to offer a solution, or even a lesson. However, sometimes I can only point out where something “doesn’t work for me.”
  • I am willing to consider any genre, with the understanding that I’m not fully versed in the conventions of all genres. We can discuss this in greater detail when we discuss your particular project.
  • I am willing to read fan fiction. I commend any fan fiction author who is so interested in putting out quality work, or who wants to learn and improve through constructive feedback. This should be with an understanding of my familiarity with your fandom, and that I do not provide fact-checking or canon-checking services.
  • I read completed works of any length, though I have the most experience–and feel best suited to–longer works such as novellas and novels.
  • There will be places in the story, particularly in longer works and often at the ends of chapters, where I stop and process, on the page, how I’m reacting to the story as reader and/or editor. When I’ve finished, I’ll go back to the top of the manuscript to record my concluding thoughts and reactions to the work as a whole, and my opinion as to its current fitness for publication or submission. I will also include whatever suggestions I have for approaching a rewrite, if necessary.

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